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How to Get Started in Crypto

It's a great time to get involved in cryptocurrency. Read our informative eBook to find out why.

How to get started in cryptocurrency

What's in the eBook?

Learn the basics about what cryptocurrency is, how it works and the ways your can use cryptocurrency to improve your financial wellness for the future.

Learn how to use cryptocurrency to add to your investment portfolio


Discover the basics of cryptocurrency and learn about the most popular coins


Grow your knowledge about a new asset class and prepare for a fruitful future

About the Author


Alex Aves

Marketing Executive for Liquid

Alex is part of the content team for Liquid, working on anything to do with content marketing, from creating blogs and social media posts to assisting with video production. 

Alex has been involved in cryptocurrency for over a year and is ready to share the knowledge with new enthusiasts. 

Topics covered

Why would you get into cryptocurrency?
What is cryptocurrency?
A brief intro to blockchain
What is the point of cryptocurrency?
What is Bitcoin?
How Bitcoin works
What is Ethereum?
Which cryptocurrency is right for you?
How to buy your first Bitcoin
Use crypto to improve your financial wellness